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About Us

We are a growing team of creatives, directors, camera operators, editors, and documentary photographers who specialize in creating cinematic, character-driven, and emotionally compelling nonfiction stories. We come to work to do something we love, and in doing that, we get to create positive stories with lasting impact. 

Meet our team

Zach Putnam

Zach is an award-winning independent filmmaker and producer with over a decade of experience telling stories that move people. He is also an adjunct instructor of nonfiction storytelling at the University of Portland and Clark College.

Ariane Kunze

Ariane is a visual storyteller who is continually on a mission to produce work that provides viewers and story subjects with growth, a challenge to their opinions or the discovery of commonality in the world. When she's not behind a camera or immersed in the depths of Premiere, you may find her dangling from the ceiling by aerial silks at a circus school in Portland.

Vika Haiboniuk

Vika is a filmmaker and photographer from Ukraine. Her cinematography captures the breathtaking beauty in everyday life, and her storytelling focuses on the lives of ordinary people. When she's not making movie magic, you'll often find her traveling with her friends.  

Jack Fisher 

... Jack also hosts Long Way Radio podcast about adventure, journalism, and geography.

Brady Holden 

Brady is a visual storyteller using the art and technique of documentary filmmaking. While his work ranges - from branded stories, social impact videos, educational films, travel shorts, multi-platform marketing content, and short films for live events and fundraisers - the goal is the same: create beautiful, meaningful stories for his clients.

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